Tinderbox Deodorant Dawn Female 50ml

Tinderbox Deodorant Dawn Female 50ml

Sacred Earth Wholefoods

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Gentle botanical protection

A very natural and friendly blend of pure plant oils to prevent unpleasant body odours. The gentle botanical action does not inhibit the vital functions of the skin; because perspiration is an important system of elimination and blocking sweat glands with substances such as aluminium is harmful. Here is a wholesome deodorant that helps stop the bacteria decomposing and creating unwanted smells. Suitable for every body.

Ingredients: purified water; witch hazel; botanical undenatured ethanol; vegetable glycerine; essential oils (geranium; litsea cubeba; petitgrain; mandarin; vetivert; amyris; sandalwood; neroli; ylang ylang; manuka); xanthum gum and grapefruit seed extract. Packaging: HDPE (number 2) recyclable roll-on tube.