About Us

Health Food store at Tamborine Mountain

Sacred Earth Wholefoods is a health food store located on the beautiful and lush Tamborine Mountain plateau, nestled in the Gold Coast Hinterland.

We are a family run, Organic, Natural & Ethical food store with a strong background in health, nutrition, natural therapies and fitness.

We believe, how You feed Your body, determines how You feel, Your level of productivity and Your optimism about life.

We have a substantial range of Quality, bulk foods, gluten free, Vegan food, Paleo, Raw & Fresh produce, cold pressed juices & smoothies. As well as all Your Body, Beauty, Baby, Supplements, Vitamins and Household needs.

Our Sacred Earth Wholefoods Family, feel that we have a responsibility to empower our Community, to live a clean, healthy and ethical lifestyle, by providing Quality Organic Wholefoods. Our team have very high standards for selecting all items within Our store, to ensure we offer clean, pure foods and products, that are free from artificial preservatives, synthetic pesticides, growth hormones, ripening agents, fungicides, pesticides and hydrogenated oils.

Our policy is: if we would not eat or use the products in our homes, then there is no place for them in our store.

Our United goal is to make Healthy, Pure, Nutrient Rich food and products, available to Australian households, so we as Human beings & Our Sacred Earth can Thrive for generations to come.

Our Guarantee
Sacred Earth Wholefoods 

  • Excellent customer service and high quality organic, natural and ethical products at competitive prices.

  • We will never stock anything that contains artificial chemicals, colours, flavours, hormones, or genetically modified foods.

  • Our household products are bio-degradable and non-harming to Our Sacred Earth.

  • 100% purchase satisfaction.

  • To assist all customers to stay on the cutting edge on health and nutritional information.

  • No animal testing (we believe it is unethical, unnecessary and should be banned).

  • Fresh, Natural, Organic Wholefoods and Products, that will assist each individual to gain optimal health of body and mind.

  • Locally sourced, seasonal, Australian foods and products as much as possible, in an effort to encourage local economies, and reduce the carbon footprint.

Quality organic wholefoods


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