Nutra Organics Organic Pea Rice Protien Smooth Vanilla 450g

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Thriving Protein is a unique; plant based; nourishing powder built from organic whole foods to help every member of the family thrive. Beautifully creamy; naturally sweet and free from any gritty texture; Thriving Protein is the yummiest way to get a boost of wholesome nutrition into your family’s diet everyday.
Our raw; non-dairy protein contains combination of whole superfoods to deliver goodness in the way our bodies recognise and process it best. With the perfect combination of certified organic whole brown rice protein and sprouted & bio-fermented organic pea protein; this nourishing formula delivers a complete and delicious protein source that pleases fussy tastebuds. Plus we’ve included a specialised bio-fermented pre & probiotic blend to help ensure that Thriving Protein supports gut health and is well tolerated in tiny tummies.
With the addition of our Aquamin Marine Mineral Complex (Arctic Sea Algae); Vitamin D Mushroom Powder and an abundance of beneficial whole food ingredients; Thriving Protein is bursting with goodness and is suitable for everyone in the family: kids; adults and pregnant & breastfeeding mothers.When consumed as part of a healthful and varied diet all members of the family will reap the following benefits Thriving Protein has to offer.

Ingredients: Sprouted & Bio-Fermented Golden Pea Protein* (Pre-Digested Cultured Protein Isolate)(50%); Whole Brown Rice Protein Isolate* (5%); Whole Brown Rice Milk Powder*; Fermented Sprout Blend [Mung Bean Sprout*; Brown Rice Sprout*; Red Lentil Sprout*; Chickpea Sprout*; Linseed Sprout*; Alfalfa Seed Sprout*; Millet Sprout*; Quinoa Sprout*; Chia Seed Sprout*] Lactobacillus spp. <5000 CFU/30 g Serve; Apple Pectin (Prebiotic Fibre)-Molasses added for the fermentation process; Coconut Milk Powder*; Linseed Meal*; Chia Seed Meal; Natural Vanilla Extract (4%); Thaumatin (plant Based Sweetener); Aquamin Marine Arctic Minerals* (Arctic Sea Algae); Vitamin D Mushroom Powder*; Curry Leaf*; Guava; Lemon; Amla; Holy Basil; Annatto.
*Certified Organic Ingredients.