Tinderbox Peppermint Essential Oil

Tinderbox Peppermint Essential Oil

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Mentha piperita

Peppermint is a hybrid of water mint and spearmint and produces a very powerful smell so a little goes a long way. This versatile essential oil can be cooling when hot or warming when cold; depending on the dose. Peppermint stimulates the limbs and eases sore areas; bringing fresh blood and energy to the body. Soothes the gut; quells gas. Diffuse to aid breathing during the cold season; or as a tonic for the mind to improve focus and alertness. Deters rats and mice; ants and other insects. Tinderbox has sourced a genuine peppermint essential oil from the Mentha piperita plant. If creating blends for a young person or sensitive skin; consider using spearmint; a milder alternative.

Aroma: Middle to Top Note.

Perfume: Sharp; piercing top note with minty top notes and grassy camphoracious undertones.

Blends well with: cedarwood; lemon; eucalyptus; cypress; lavender; mandarin; marjoram; niaouli; pine; rosemary.

Part of plant used: aerial parts

Type of extraction: steam distilled

Origin of Raw Material: India / USA; Country of Manufacture: France

Precautions: Use sparingly during pregnancy.