Tinderbox Neroli Essential Oil

Tinderbox Neroli Essential Oil

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Orange flower essential oil

Equally accomplished in perfumery and regenerative skincare.

If jasmine and rose are the king and queen respectively of aromatherapy; then neroli would undoubtedly be their love child progeny; enhancing the royal scent family with a floral flourish. The gorgeous; gamine ingnue is eminently suitable for the most glamorous and romantic of aromatic cameos. Yes; she is sweetly vulnerable and gentle but with a self-assured element that reveals she is well aware of her perfumed charms.

Neroli; or orange flower; softens the heart into a very feminine feeling of opening to the world and balances it with the masculine aspects of taking control of life. Dab on the wrists and behind the ears to actualise self-love and perhaps along way; bring courage in crowds or attract a worthy love partner.

Equally accomplished in both exquisite perfumery and regenerative skincare; orange flower affirms her blue bloodlines in the regal monarchy of floral absolutes. She is however; no overt smell snob and readily mixes with all the common oils to complement and embellish any fragrant blend with her sparkling notes.

Neroli offers a powerful psychotherapeutic scent tonic that brings emotional reassurance for the mind and psyche; to diminish the jitters and sweep aside melancholy so a poised; calm may reign.

This oil is a soft floral with bright citrus notes. It offers the skin radiance and the same balance and harmony that it inspires emotionally. It lends levity to our spirit rendering it; carefree and light.

An aromatic treasure; not to squander on anything other than the most intimate and meaningful applications. Use as is; for a transformative personal perfume; to facilitate all spiritual practice that opens us to realise our highest potential.

Neroli is a singularly precious essential oil; with a low yield. Only the fresh petals are used in the extraction process and fortunately the resulting essential oil is so potent that a lower dilution still has a strong effect. Tinderbox has made this premium aroma tool affordable by diluting it 5:100 in certified organic jojoba oil and it is suitable for use as you would other essential oils or neat on the skin as a perfume.

Neroli Botanical name: Citrus aurantium var amara

Aroma: Top or Base; depending on blend. It will add depth and heart to any blend that needs a floral that is not a top-note. Play with its sensual/sexual quality when creating heady; bold and rich perfumes; where it will act as a fixative. A traditional eau-de-cologne recipe combines neroli with lavender; lemon; rosemary and bergamot.

Perfume: Sweet; floral somewhat citrusy aroma both fresh and alluring.

Blends well with: other citrus oils; clary sage; geranium; jasmine; frankincense; lavender; lemon; rose; ylang ylang; sandalwood.

Part of plant used: blossom of the bitter orange tree

Type of extraction: steam distilled

Grown and manufactured in: France

Ingredients: cold-pressed organic jojoba oil; pure essential oil of neroli. Packaging: recyclable blue glass bottle.