Tinderbox Grapefruit Essential Oil

Tinderbox Grapefruit Essential Oil

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Citrus paradisi

The grapefruit tree is an accidental hybrid of the Jamaican sweet orange and introduced pomelo trees; discovered in the West Indies during the mid-1700s. Its botanical name translates to �fruit of paradise� and this truly is vibrant; optimistic oil and very refreshing as a tonic for both body and mind.

Aroma: Top note - very high

Perfume: Bright and refreshing top note with citrusy undertones.

Blends well with: other citrus oils; neroli; basil; bergamot; chamomile; citronella; frankincense; geranium; jasmine; lavender; rose and ylang ylang.

Part of plant used: fruit peel

Type of extraction: cold-pressed

Origin of Raw Material: Brazil/Israel; Country of Manufacture: France

Precautions: Grapefruit could irritate the skin if exposed to strong sunlight after treatment. Considered safe to use during pregnancy.