Tinderbox Bug-Free Oil Roll-on 50ml

Tinderbox Bug-Free Oil Roll-on 50ml

Sacred Earth Wholefoods

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Bye Bye Bugs!

An all natural oil-based repellent free from any chemical poisons. Rub on exposed areas (avoid eyes) to repel flies; mosquitoes and insects. This uses quite strong essential oils to mask the scent of your own body from insects; so try Bug Free Gel if you are considering use on very young children or sensitive skin (always patch test first). In a handy roll-on tube. Apply regularly. If you prefer a spray option; try Lavender Splash.

Ingredients: cold-pressed sunflower oil; pure essential oils (citronella; lavender; cedarwood; cajeput; rosemary; pennyroyal; thyme). Formerly called Personal Insect Repellent. Packaging: HDPE (number 2) recyclable roll-on tube.