Teelixir Pearl Beauty Tonic 50g

Teelixir Pearl Beauty Tonic 50g

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Pearl Powder - The Best Skin & Beauty Tonic
Pearl is a premier anti-aging and longevity substance that has been used for thousands of years. It's one of the great secrets of the most beautiful women of the Orient. In China; Pearl is used as one of the best beautifying; skin nourishing and Shen (spirit-elevating and calming) tonic herbs.

Pearl powder protects the skin from aging. Its strong antioxidant activity helps slow down the development of melanin which can cause dark spots and freckles. Studies show Pearl can enhance the body's production of collagen and fibroblasts��two important components of a healthy dermis responsible for the firm; bright; healthy-looking skin we associate with youth.

Pearl also contains mucopolysaccharides that have been shown to prevent wrinkling and increase libido.

Ingredients: Pearl 10:1 Extract Powder*
* 100% Super micro-ground levigated pure freshwater Pearl powder for optimum bio-availability. Ethically sourced; sustainably grown and harvested. No added grains; starch or fillers.