Teelixir Immune Defence Mushroom Blend 100g

Teelixir Immune Defence Mushroom Blend 100g

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Immune Defence - 8 Superfood Mushroom Extracts in One Bag
Immune Defence is a uniquely balanced blend of eight certified organic mushroom extracts that work to build and fortify the strength of the body�s defence shields.

This potent adaptogenic blend boosts immunity; increases energy; improves the gut; strengthens the mind; helps maintain peak performance; and promotes a healthy response to physical; mental; and environmental stress factors.

100% Certified Organic ingredients:

Agaricus blazei*�; Chaga sclerotia*^�; Cordyceps militaris*�; Lion's Mane*�; Maitake*�; Red Reishi*�; Shiitake*�; Turkey Tail*^�
* ACO Certified Organic
^ Wildcrafted
� Wild-cultivated fruiting body