Simply Clean Lime Spraynwipe 250ml

Simply Clean Lime Spraynwipe 250ml

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Lime Spray & Wipe is a toxin & sensitiser free multipurpose cleaning solution that cleans away grime & grease and kills germs in the kitchen; bathroom and around your home; leaving the super fresh fragrance of pure Australian limes.

SimplyClean only the best and essential ingredients to produce the clean result you expect.

Coloured and fragranced only with lime essential oil; nothing added
Toxin & Sensitiser Free - protecting your family�s health.
Chlorine & ammonia free
Gentle surfactants efficiently clean away dirt and grease
Kills 99.9% of sickness-causing germs
Safe for food surfaces
Family safe and earth safe
Grey water safe
No animal testing or animal products
Palm oil free

INGREDIENTS: Pure Australian lime oil (citrus aurantifolia); sodium carbonate (washing soda); polyalkylene oxide (biodegradable low foaming surfactant); methoxyisopropanol (dissolves grease); alcohol (plant derived ethanol); tetrasodium edta (water softener); lauralkonium chloride (food safe sanitiser kills germs); water.