Sacred Blends Sacred Night Cr�me 50ml

Sacred Blends Sacred Night Cr�me 50ml

Sacred Earth Wholefoods

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Sacred Night Creme is exactly that; it was formulated on the last full moon of the decade which energetically was significant in the art of alchemy. The sacred numbers of 3 (the holy trinity; man woman and God; the pyramids etc); 7 (the time it took to create the universe); 40 (days and nights; weeks of gestation for a human to be born; years the Jews were roaming the desert for the Promised Land). Regardless of your belief system; these numbers have a sacred resonance and were used in the alchemy process to determine how many drops of essential oils; essences and base oils were used in the formulation. Once the formula was created it was then treated energetically. Containing the sacred gifts of Frankincense; Myrrh and Gold as well as other precious ingredients; Sacred Night Creme's gift to you isn't just skin deep. Yes the ingredients are age defying; healing and lifting and you will notice a significant improvement; but what it contains that no other skin care on the market contains; is the energy to heal you on a deep level. It is by no accident it is released on the last Christmas of the decade which is also celebrated by other cultures by different names. The energy of the first creation will live on through all products to come; how? Well that is a secret!

Proudly made on Tamborine Mountain Qld.

Water; glycerine (plant sourced); sorbitol cetearyl (alcohol sugar; plant sourced); TEA stearate (salts of stearic acid); macadamic nut seed oil; organic coconut oil; organic hemp seed oil; tocopheral (from soy beans; natural vitamin E); Kakadu plum fruit extract; frankincense; myrrh; rose geranium; patchouli essential oils certified organic; colloidal gold (from 99.9% pure 22 cara gold); phenoxyethanol (aromatic germacidal alcohol; green tea derived); ethylhexlglycerin (plant oil derived).