Pukka Supreme Matcha Green - Green Tea 20 Bags

Pukka Supreme Matcha Green - Green Tea 20 Bags

Sacred Earth Wholefoods

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Good news for replenishing your magical powers

Made with organic whole leaf green and the finest matcha powder

Mornings are clean; green and supreme

Ethically sourced; 100% organically grown ingredients

Even superheroes need a boost. Sometimes our superpowers can run low. Welcome in pure emerald Matcha powder - our magical super-ingredient blended with the goodness of three fairly-traded whole leaf green: Chinese Sencha; Indian Oothu and Vietnamese Suoi Gang. Shazam - super powers recharged. Welcome to a magical new world.

Sencha Green Whole Leaf Tea (China Da Zhang Shan) (34%); Oothu Green Whole Leaf Tea (India Western Ghats) (32%); Suoi Gang Green Whole Leaf Tea (Vietnam Yen Bai) (32%); Matcha Powder (Jejo do Garucha) (2%).