Pukka	Blackcurrent Beauty - Fruit Tea 20 Bags

Pukka Blackcurrent Beauty - Fruit Tea 20 Bags

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Good news for wrapping yourself and your skin in pure velvet

Made with organic beetroot; blackcurrant; fennel; hibiscus; licorice and rosehip

Deliciousness knows no deeper colour

Ethically sourced; 100% organically grown ingredients

Welcome to a deep velvet robe of organic blackcurrant delight. Juicy blackcurrants swirl with sweetly dark beetroot. Then the natural power of hibiscus flowers and rosehips breathe life from the inside out while the mellow fruitiness of orange peel protects. Deliciousness knows no deeper colour.

Rosehip; hibiscus flower; licorice root; fennel seed; orange peel; beetroot; blackcurrant fruit (4%); natural blackcurrant flavour (4%); orange essential oil flavour.