Naclo Mystique Hydration Mist 125ml

Naclo Mystique Hydration Mist 125ml

Sacred Earth Wholefoods

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New! Super shine for your hair and skin

A great new all round skin and hair spray; easy to use - just shake and spray
Mousturise and hydrate your skin; deodorise; condition and protect your hair from sun; sea and wind.
Pure and natural formulated nutrients to shine hair and skin with the healthy glow of vitality. Are you looking for a natural skin care product?
Free from propyls; bezene & artificial colours and chemicals?
YES ! Moisturiser Mist is here!
Essential Beauty care to protect and give moisture back to the skin.

Unique ingredients ; Jojoba oil; Chamomile oil ;
Lavender; Grapeseed oil; Colloidal silver;Vegetable glycerin;
Ocean sea minerals; Stablised oxygen; & filtered rainwater. If you are using any kind of artificial heating this Winter; use Grace moisturiser mist; to keep the skin hydrated.
Your skin will smile and say thank you !