Green Nutritionals Supergrass Organic Powder 200g

Sacred Earth Wholefoods

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Australian Organic SUPERGRASS packs a punch with the health benefits of two young leaf grasses. In combination these grasses protect against free radical damage; detoxify; cleanse and help provide improved health in bones; teeth; heart; muscles; nervous system and immunity.
- Barleygrass has 30 times more vitamin B1 than milk & 7 times more vitamin C than oranges.
- Alkaline foods – neutralising to the system.
-High in antioxidant enzymes.
-Wheatgrass is high source of vitamin E and over 90 vital minerals.
-High in protein.
-High in iron.
-Produces energy.
-Improves immune system.
-High in chlorophyll.

Ingredients: Australian Certified Organic BARLEYGRASS Young Leaf Powder (50%); Australian Certified Organic WHEATGRASS Young Leaf Powder (50%).