Essenzza Bamboo Ear Candle 1 Pair

Essenzza Bamboo Ear Candle 1 Pair

Sacred Earth Wholefoods

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The world�s first ear candle made from bamboo; not cotton.

Ecological - Returns 30% more oxygen to the atmosphere than trees and can be grown with no pesticides; Sustainable - Requires very little water and minimal maintenance.; Renewable - Harvested sustainably; high yield renewable resource capable of complete regeneration with no need to replant.; Bamboo ear candles perform and burn exactly the same way as current ear candles but with less impact on the environment.; Made from 100% Beeswax & Bamboo; TGA listed; Safety Filter; Stop Ring; Protective Disk; Smokeless burn. Candles have been used for centuries to create a sense of well-being and hold a respected place in traditional medicine around the globe. Gaining large popularity in recent years; today they are used by people looking for a more natural approach to tending their mind and body. Essenzza Health ear candles are our no nonsense approach to better living.

All Candles are Supplied with Safety Filter and Protective Disk.

Our bamboo candles are made using 100% bamboo and high-grade natural beeswax. High-grade beeswax is a commodity in high demand worldwide as it is used widely in many cosmetic and natural products. We ensure that only the best quality beeswax is used to make our candles. This ultimately improves consistency in the way that our candles burn during your treatment.