Eden Health Foods Protein Vanilla 400g

Eden Health Foods Protein Vanilla 400g

Sacred Earth Wholefoods

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Organic Sprouted and Bio-fermented Wholegrain Brown Rice Protein (Vanilla).
Complete amino acid profile with 98.2% absorption. High-quality ultra-fine micronised protein powder for maximum absorption; digestion and nutritional properties. Non-gritty; smooth creamy texture with easy mix-ability; naturally. High quality vanilla is ACO compliant and tastes like ice-cream.

Premium Grade Bio-fermented Raw Sprouted Wholegrain Brown Rice Protein*; Natural Vanilla; Non-GMO Apple Pectin; Stevia*

*Certified Organic
Ultimate Protein not only uses certified organic brown rice but is one of the only protein powders on the market today to use certified organic stevia. Stevia that is not organic use chemicals in there processing.