Byron Bay Exotics Magic Oil 30ml

Byron Bay Exotics Magic Oil 30ml

Sacred Earth Wholefoods

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This is a superb blend of 7 super-potent premium organic plant oils. The three base calendula flower infused oils are olive; macadamia; and hemp seed and these are combined with hemp flower; castor and rosehip oils. This blend contains essential fatty acids; anti-oxidants and vitamins.

This oil also contains the woody aromatic essential oil of frankinsence which has been renowned since ancient time for its cosmetic skin benefits. It has highly anti-inflammatory; anti-bacterial; anti-acne; anti-fungal; anti-aging; anti-scarring and anti-bacterial properties. It is used to promote healthy skin; rejuvenate tired; dull and blemished skin.

Hemp flower oil potentiates (increases) the effectiveness of all other ingredients contained in the magic oil. The hemp flower oil is derived from the flowers; leaves and stalks of the cannabis sativa (hemp plant) that normally contains some 114 cannabinoids. The oil is an excellent skin hydrator and moisturiser and a powerful antioxidant that can reduce skin lines and wrinkles. Use for overall face and body moisturising and cleansing; hair and beard conditioning; aftershave; scalp revitalising; deodorising and under makeup barrier.

Organic: Hemp Seed Oil; Olive Oil; Macadamia Oil; Organic Castor Oil; Organic Rosehip Oil; Cannabis Sativa (Low THC Licences). Vitimin E Oil and Frankincense Essential Oil.