BioVeda Ayurvedic Face Mask

BioVeda Ayurvedic Face Mask

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Bio Veda Ayurvedic Face Mask is a purifying face and body mask that will remove many deep-seated toxins from the skin. This traditional formula is made by Dr Kamlesh of Lucknow; India; 7th generation Ayurvedic Physician. The formula for this particular face mask has been in his family for three generations and contains a unique blend of purified clay (Multani Mitti); 23 herbs and the ashes (bhasma) of 9 gems; gold and silver.

Can be applied 3-4 times weekly. For best results; apply the Bio Veda Face Mask prior to using the Bio Veda Saffron Face Oil.


Multani Mitti (purified clay); Persian Rose; White Sandalwood; Chinese Orange; Muskroot; Sugandha-bala; Stone Flowers; Indian Cyprus; Shrubby Basil; Turmeric; Mango Ginger; Barberry; Honey Bush; Hibiscus; Purple Fleabane; Fenugreek; Cobra�s Saffron; Saffron; Juniper Berry; Himalayan Silver Fir; Basil Seeds; Champa; Galangal; Ashes (Bhasma) of 9 Gems; Gold and Silver