Aura Clear Pack

Aura Clear Pack

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*Clear Aura Spray*

Clear Aura Spray is great for clearing the aura. It transmutes any negative energy into the light.
Clear Aura Spray holds within the power and golden energy of the sun. Gold is the color of wealth and light. Clear Aura is helpful in clearing & protecting body mind and spirit allowing deep healing. Clear Aura Spray promotes Angelic / Cosmic Light communication.

Love; Spring Water; Essential Oils consiting of Lemon Myrtle; Lemon Grass; Mandarin; Orange & Rosemary; Master Essences; Citrine and clear Quartz crystals.

*Sacred Ancient Plant Essence*
Your True Essence. This essence is created from a very special Australian sacred tree. Your True Essence entered daylight at 11-1-2009; a truly special day for the birth of this special plant remedy it was an amazingly beautiful experience to create this essence and I am grateful for that.

*Energetic Healing Aid*

This sacred symbol acts as an aid to heal your self. This geometric symbol is an energy portal and vibrates to number 4 and carries the energy of the dragon.

The square connects to the energy of the earth; your earth star; your base and sacral chakra. Connects body; mind. spirit and ether; It blends the elements of water; fire air and light. Connects north; east; south and west and the Physical; emotional; mental and spiritual bodies. Blending life�s total existence.

The stripes on top and bottom are like amplifiers representing so above so below; amplifying heaven and earth; balancing your earth and soul star. There is two of each showing balanced duality; ego and spirit; yin and yang; male and female. The stripes also represent mirroring.

The circle is the heart of all things; the central sun it creates an inner portal.
It has no beginning and no end; infinity;
There are 7 layers in the circle. 7 is a sacred geometry number.
The heart carries the color orange and red representing fire and passion.
The color yellow connect with our identity center our solar plexus.
The center brings divine light to reveal your true self; re-awaken.